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Be More Kind

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Today, as we watch the change in presidency, I choose to focus on hope. Hope that our future brings healing to those who are sick…to those who have lost loved ones…to those struggling to recover…to those who are trying to make ends meet…to those who are trying to manage social isolation and loneliness…to those who suffering from social inequality, injustice, and violence.

As I reflect on what gives me hope, I am called to think about kindness and empathy. Pre-pandemic, my family often spent a lot of time in the car. To make the sometimes-long car rides calmer, we’d switch up the music played, often sharing music with the kids they hadn’t heard before. One of the artists that became a family favorite is Frank Turner, especially his album and title track Be More Kind.

Be More Kind is a song that calls us to build kindness into our lives, especially in dark and difficult times. It reminds us that there are shining lights of hope out there, and kindness can help us to get some comfort and bolster each other through the challenges we face. It’s a song that has certainly facilitated conversations with our children about how to be empathetic, understand where people are coming from, and hold onto hope for positive change.

I imagine the nation's road to recovery will continue to present us with challenges and that suffering won’t immediately be resolved. More than ever, we’re called to show kindness, compassion, and empathy, which are certainly a part of any healing process. Maybe a mantra we can all follow is be more kind.

To listen to Frank Turner’s song, you can find it here:

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